Driver Testimonials

“I just went over my 9th year with FCC and have no plans to leave unless they close the doors. It’s been the best outfit to work for in my almost 4 decades doing this work. All thru this recession stuff I have stayed very profitable with the last two years well over $80k net. That includes being home every weekend and holiday, and usually taking 3+ weeks off a year. Great customer base that most times will let a driver take their break right on their property. I have never sat more than a couple hours between loads, unless I needed to take a 10 hour break anyway. And a large majority of those 10 hour breaks I have taken right on the customer property I was picking up or delivering to.”

Cliff Downing

9 years

“I left a company of twenty-six years to come to FCC. I have a friend working here and told me how good of a company they were. I was reluctant to leave after being with a company for so long, but it was the move I made. Looking back, I wish I would have done it a long time ago. Best move I could have made. The people here are great!”

Wayne Lamberty

5 years

“The company as a whole is very inviting. You walk into smiles and warm greetings each and every time that you come into the terminal and that speaks volumes. The people of FCC make the company.”

Harlan Guhde

Company Driver, 4 Years

“Home time is the number one reason why I enjoy driving for FCC. They provide me with the home time that I request, allowing me to spend as much time as possible with my family.”

Mike Seely

Independent Contractor, 8 Years

“FCC is a fine tuned organization. They think of the drivers when planning the loads while also providing variety in the freight we haul. The pay package is great and they also give us the best equipment around. All this banded together makes it easy for me to make a good living as a driver at FCC.”

Bobby Hoard

Company Driver, 13 Years

“I’ve been driving flatbed my entire career. My brother was driving for FCC and persuaded me to come over. It’s the best move that I have ever made. Everyone at FCC is wonderful and friendly. They get me home when I need to be, the miles are fantastic, and I get to drive a new truck every few years. You can’t beat that!”

Mark Reagan

Company Driver, 13 Years

“I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to drive for FCC. I had been hearing all the great things about the company and everything finally fell into place. My driver manager keeps me productive and challenged and also provides variety in my loads. The freight is very driver friendly and everyone at FCC is great to work with.”

Pat Crumb

Company Driver, 5 Years

“FCC is a company with true integrity. We are what our driver’s say, and that speaks volumes. So many companies will tell you what you want to hear to get you in the door. That doesn’t happen at FCC. I am really impressed with the personal one-on-one relationship that you have with your driver manager. FCC has a great customer base, with lanes and freight that keep me productive.”

Pat Whalen

Independent Contractor, 4 Years

“I have to say that FCC has the best customer service around. It is definitely a team effort that keeps the wheels moving. They put in the extra effort to take care of the drivers as well as the customers on every load, communicating all the way to delivery. The teamwork involved makes everything go smoothly when you are out on the road and that’s a huge benefit!”

David Porter

Independent Contractor, 4 Years

“FCC is by far the best company that I have ever driven for. They keep me busy, our equipment is top notch, and the pay package along with fuel discounts and surcharges is one of the best that I have come across in my years of driving.”

Ray Neal

Independent Contractor, 5 Years

“FCC is a company that can pride itself on Honesty, which is a trait you don’t find everywhere. I appreciate how they were up-front and laid out everything. All expectations, both mine and the company, were mapped out and they make a point of keeping their promises. The Family oriented environment is refreshing – the people are all wonderful to work with.”

Hire Date: May 22, 2014
Company Driver to 11/13/2014 – Entered FCC Lease Purchase Program

James Hughes

Owner Operator

“FCC is a fantastic company to work for – in fact – I keep saying it’s too good to be true. They ask what we need as a driver and then they make it happen! They always put family first, which allows us to have quality home time while still giving me plenty of miles to earn a good living for my family.”

Hire Date: January 2013

Richard Stark

Company Driver

“The FCC Logo caught my eye one day at a truck stop. I had heard about FCC, so I spoke with the driver and everything that he stated about the company has been the truth. I love the out and back freight. It works great from where I live, plus the planners keep me moving, which is fantastic. Everyone listens to our input and they act on it which shows the respect they have for the drivers.”

Hire Date: 06/24/2014

Les Floto

Company Driver