Maintenance Team

Maintenance Team

When people see a trucking company, their first thought is of truck drivers, but everyone in the trucking industry know how many people are involved in the entire operation. In order to keep the best drivers in the country on the road, you need the best maintenance team in the industry. Our entire team is treated like family, and that means giving everyone the keys to succeed and keeping our standards high. FCC keeps up on all of the latest technology and industry standards.

Dedicated to Your Safety

Safety is our number one priority at FCC. Bottom line is if the truck isn’t safe, it doesn’t leave the shop. Whether that means putting a driver into a spare truck, or getting them a hotel room for the night, only safe trucks will leave our shop. Any time a driver brings their truck in for an issue, we will make sure all preventative maintenance is performed so that we have the safest trucks on the road. We work as hard as we can to get trucks in and out of the shop as quickly as possible while maintaining a high level of integrity.

Our Maintenance Shops

We have two maintenance teams located in Fremont and Council Bluffs. Our Council Bluffs maintenance shop officially opened June of 2017 in order to relieve the workload of the Fremont shop and provide the best possible service for our drivers. With the opening of a second maintenance shop FCC is positioning itself for continued growth moving forward.