Long-distance truck driving is undoubtedly a lucrative career. Truck driving is especially suited for those looking for stable, high-wage employment and the opportunity to travel. Unfortunately, like many other jobs, it comes with setbacks, such as boredom and loneliness, especially for solitary drivers.

One of the biggest challenges that truck drivers face is staying awake and entertained on the road. Although driving requires you to be alert and focused, being behind the wheel for extended periods can cause fatigue and lower alertness levels. A lack of stimulation often leads to drowsiness, which sometimes causes accidents. Truck drivers should find safe and distraction-free methods to prevent themselves from fatigue and boredom and to improve their focus behind the wheel.

Fortunately, the modern world provides various passive activities that keep truck drivers entertained while allowing them to maintain their alertness to the road. Dedicated long-haul truckers can do several things to stay alert to ensure the safe, organized, and timely arrival of the trucks and goods to the desired destination.

Use Smartphone Apps

Due to advancement in technology, today’s truck drivers have something that the previous generation did not: smartphone apps. These internet-powered smartphone apps offer means through which truck drivers can stream content on the Web for entertainment. While on the road, drivers can use apps like Spotify and Pandora to listen to unlimited music collections. Text Pro, a speech to text software, enables truck drivers to send text messages while driving safely. During stopovers, apps like Skype come in handy by allowing truck drivers to keep in touch with their families. Popular Android apps, such as Google Maps, help in basic navigation and even in prescribing the best routes to follow to beat current highway traffic.

Practice Mindfulness

Truck drivers spend a lot of time alone on the road. One way to actively pass the time is by doing some thinking and self-reflection. Long-distance driving presents ideal opportunities for truck drivers to think about their lives. Self-reflection and soul-searching don’t necessarily mean “spacing out” or daydreaming while driving. Instead, you should keep your mind engaged on the road while thinking about some of the problems you’ve had lately. You would be surprised by the solutions you can come up with after spending hours thinking about yourself. The activity also helps in relieving the gastrointestinal problems associated with stressful working conditions, thus improving the overall wellbeing of truck drivers.

Start a Portable Hobby

Truck drivers tend to take on new hobbies to help fight boredom during their downtime. A suitable hobby can be anything that you can take with you during the journey. Some long-haul truckers pick up hobbies you wouldn’t typically expect, such as sewing, crocheting, and knitting. Others choose to write novels with the help of voice to text software. Still, others dabble in photography, video diaries, and even chess. These portable hobbies help drivers stay alert and entertained when they’re not on the road.

Stay Fit

According to a survey conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, approximately two-thirds of long-distance truckers were overweight. Sitting down for long drives can have adverse effects on drivers’ general health. Lifestyle diseases, such as obesity, find suitable hosts in drivers who miss exercise sessions. Truck drivers are encouraged to exercise regularly to keep fit. Activities such as jogging or frog jumping can refresh truckers’ minds and bodies while on transit business.

Truck driving doesn’t have to be a dull and lonesome career. As an enlightened trucker, you should use every chance that presents itself to stay engaged, entertained, and alert on the road.