Empty Desert Highway in Utah with Mountains

The United States is full of scenic wonders, but nothing beats the desert. Imagine sitting in a truck, taking in a gorgeous desert drive. Get the details on the best desert drives and get ready to enjoy the beauty of the open road. You will love every minute you spend taking in the stunning scenery during your trip.


Julian, CA, to the Salton Sea

Julian, CA, is a small Gold Rush town located in San Diego County and it will act as your starting point for this gorgeous drive. Hit State Route 78 East so you can drive into the Anza-Borrego Desert. This rock desert is astonishing and includes everything you want during a desert drive, such as cacti, huge vistas, and a color palette that looks like it belongs on a canvas. Next, you will pass Ocotillo Wells, where you will spot huge sand dunes, and then you will reach the Salton Sea. It’s so gorgeous that you might want to turn around and repeat it.


Desert View Drive

Desert View Drive in Arizona might be the most beautiful scenic drive in the country. It begins on State Route 64 in Grand Canyon Village and takes you around the canyon’s rim. You will enjoy sweeping desert views as you drive along the road, and the desert will eventually give away to a forest.


The Red Rock Loop

Sedona, Arizona, is known for its gorgeous desert scenery, and you can see the best of it by taking the Red Rock Loop on Highway 98A. The loop doesn’t technically begin until you are about four miles outside of the city, and you will appreciate the distance from tourists and residents. During the drive, you’ll see Cathedral Rock, red sandstone, and other sights. If you go in the evening, set aside some time to stop and watch the sunset. It’s truly stunning.


Dead Horse Scenic Drive

Dead Horse Point Mesa Scenic Byway (U-313) will take you on an epic outdoor adventure. Catch US-191 North in Moab, Utah, and drive for about nine miles. You will turn left on State Route 131 and go another 15 miles before you see the turn for Dead Horse State Park. Then, it will be time for your scenic drive. You will enjoy desert views for miles along this route. Don’t be surprised if you decide to park your truck for a few minutes to snap some photos.


The Apache Trail

If you took a survey on the most beautiful desert drives, lots of people would respond with “The Apache Trail.” This desert drive is located near Phoenix and it will provide you with a lifetime of gorgeous scenery. You’ll need to head east on U.S. 60 to Apache Junction. Then, get on Arizona Route 88-Idaho Road. This is officially the Apache Trail, but you need to drive for several miles before you can experience the scenery. The desert vistas expand further than the eye can see, and the cacti-covered hills are photo-worthy. There are also lots of stops along this trail, including Canyon Lake. The lake is a great place to stretch your legs, grab a bite to eat, or even take a boat trip. You can also use the time to chat with others about the gorgeous scenery. It truly is so beautiful that you’ll want to share your experiences with everyone around you.


Hit the Open Road

The United States is full of beauty. From deserts to mountains and so much in between, each new road brings something exciting. Spend some time on the road so you can experience everything this magnificent country has to offer.