As a truck driver, you are required to take rest times while on the road, and you can only drive a certain number of hours in a day. The good news is your down time can be just as productive as your time on the road. There are more apps now than ever for truck drivers, and using these apps in your down time can help save you time and money when you are on the road. Using these apps will prevent you from having to be on your phone while driving.


Trucker Path Pro

This app is designed especially for truckers. It is one of the most popular and useful apps for truckers, and it is like an advanced version of a map app. This app will tell you where to find hotels, fuel stops, weigh stations, truck wash stations, and truck stops. If you have any space on your truck, you can also advertise that with your route. The app can match you up with sellers who have items to ship your way.


Gas Buddy

When you need to fill up, you can use this app to find the cheapest gas prices in the area. The app is kept updated by users in the area. Price changes are usually updated within a few hours of changing.



This navigational app is a more advanced version of Google Maps. You can find information about bad weather, traffic backups, and accidents on the road. If your route has been obstructed from a backup, Waze will give you an alternate route.



Truck drivers have to follow government regulations on how long they are allowed to drive at a time and how long they must rest. The KeepTruckin app can help truck drivers log their working time and rest time so they can be sure they are meeting government regulations.


NOAA Radar

Truck drivers can keep track of weather conditions and see what is coming when they are on the road. You can see both current and future weather on this app. It is one of the most accurate weather apps because the weather data comes from the United States government’s weather stations. You can set the app to send you a notification when bad weather is on the way.


Weigh My Truck App

If you hate spending time at weigh stations, walking inside to pay, this app lets you do it right from your phone. The app uses your location and your truck information to pay directly at the scale. You can even get a copy of your receipt emailed to you.



This app allows you to search for rest stops in the area based on what you need. Whether you need a rest stop with laundry, showers, or even a game room; you can set the app to filter rest stops by these features. You can also use the app to sort by restaurants.


White Noise

It can be hard to sleep while on the road, especially if you sleep during the day and drive at night. The White Noise app helps you get a better night’s rest by playing relaxing sounds during the night. You can also choose one of the app’s alarms to wake you up more naturally.

These are just some of the best phone apps for truckers. There are many more out there, spend some time while you are resting, searching for new apps you may enjoy.