Driving as sun sets in the distanceThe roads are busy day and night, so you probably don’t think anything about hopping in your truck during the twilight hours. However, this is the most dangerous time to drive. Find out why driving during sunset/twilight hours is so dangerous and get some tips to stay safe on the roads.


Vision Changes

The danger begins as soon as the sun starts to go up or down. Your eyes have to make adjustments to the changes in lighting. As your eyes adjust, your peripheral vision and depth perception will be affected. This makes it much more difficult to safely avoid obstacles and other vehicles on the road.

If you find yourself in this situation, keep your eyes on the road. Give your vision an appropriate amount of time to adjust, all while being aware of what is going on.


Glare From Headlights and Traffic Lights

Traffic lights and headlights shine brightly at night, and while they serve an important purpose, they also make driving during the twilight hours dangerous. The combination of the dark sky and the bright lights create a glare that makes it difficult to see.

There are special glasses that can reduce glare. However, you can also reduce the impact of the glare by shifting your gaze to the right when vehicles approach. Focus on the white line while waiting for the vehicle to pass. Your peripheral vision will allow you to see oncoming traffic, but you won’t have to deal with the glare.


Low Visibility

Your truck’s headlights might seem powerful, but they only illuminate a portion of the road. Most of what you need to see is covered in darkness, so you are more likely to hit another vehicle or roadway obstacle. By the time you see the obstacle, it might be too late to avoid an accident.

While you cannot avoid this issue completely, you can lessen the risk by keeping your windshield and headlights clean. Even the smallest bit of debris will make your visibility worse, so this is critical.



Wildlife, such as deer, is another cause for concern during the twilight hours. Deer prefer to come out during dusk and dawn, and it’s not unusual to see one or more darting across the road. A fast-moving deer can jump out in front of your truck before you have time to react.

You might be considering getting a deer whistle to avoid this problem, but unfortunately, studies have shown these devices don’t work. If you are driving in a multi-lane road, stay in the middle to lessen the risk of an accident. Also, be mindful of signs. If you notice signs about potential wildlife crossings, be extra diligent.


Drowsy Driving

Drowsy driving is another serious problem during the twilight hours. Whether the sun has yet to come up or it’s just gone down, you can expect to encounter some sleepy drivers on the road. You also might be one of them. Rest is the only solution to this problem. Coffee and energy drinks might make you feel more energetic, but your body will still need rest and your reaction time will be slower than normal. Check into a hotel or head back home. Get some sleep and then hit the road the next day when you are refreshed.


Stay Safe on the Road

If possible, do your driving during daylight hours. It is much safer and you’re likely to be rested and ready to go. If you do have to drive during twilight hours, keep your safety in mind during your trip. There are lots of dangers associated with twilight driving, so it is imperative that you are careful.