Driver in cabin of big modern truck vehicle on highway

Endorsements can be a powerful tool to show your employer what you know. You may be wondering what kind of endorsements a truck driver can get, and are they useful? The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) oversees the endorsements you can get as a truck driver on a federal level, and there are many different types of endorsements. These endorsements allow you to haul various kinds of cargo – each of these endorsements are codes added to your CDL license. 


Types of Endorsements

There are many types of endorsements you can add to your CDL. These include the following:

  • H – Hazardous materials vehicles of any size. You need the (H) endorsement to carry hazardous materials such as combustible liquids, gases, flammable liquids, and other explosive materials. 
  • N – Tank trucks that carry harmless liquids. This includes vegetable oil and milk, among other things. 
  • P – Passenger vehicles – whether you are driving a van from the airport to a rental car company or a cross country luxury coach, a vehicle carrying people requires this endorsement.
  • S – This endorsement gives the holder the ability to drive school buses. 
  • T – This allows a CDL holder to haul double and triple trailers.
  • X – This is a combination of (T) and (H) endorsements that allow you to haul dangerous loads like gasoline, propane, and other chemicals that could disrupt roads and lives through a spill, explosion, or fire.

Having these endorsements will often allow drivers to earn more money.



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