Levi was working on his schedule for his senior year of high school when he saw the announcement for the diesel academy at Fremont Contract Carriers. He always wanted to pursue a trade career and jumped at the opportunity to enroll in the class and learn. Levi excelled in his classes at the academy, fell in love with the trade,  and moved forward in pursuing his dream by enrolling in the Metropolitan Community College (MCC) Diesel Technology Program in the Fall of 2019. The program requires students to complete two separate internships of 320 hours with an employer. Levi had such a positive experience at the FCC diesel academy he naturally wanted to pursue his internship here, starting in March of 2020. Levi was encouraged by his advisor to pursue scholarship opportunities to assist with the cost of school. He applied for the Nebraska Trucking Foundation Diesel Technology Scholarship and was excited to learn that he was awarded a $1,500 Scholarship this spring. Levi stated, “I  was so happy to receive these funds. I will be using the money to purchase the tools I need for my career. Thank you to Nebraska Trucking for choosing me and also to FCC for allowing me this opportunity.”  Great Job, Levi!