We are excited to be named one of the top 250 carriers by CCJ. We appreciate their kind comments and are always honored to be a part of this wonderful industry. Here’s what CCJ had to say:

“Fremont Contract Carriers might not be the biggest fleet in the CCJ Top 250, but few can challenge the company when it comes to driver satisfaction.
The Fremont, Nebraska-based carrier is a fixture in the Truckload Carrier Association’s Best Fleets to Drive For contest, having been recognized as a top-20 fleet for its driver retention accomplishments nine times, including a run of eight consecutive years from 2011 to 2018. Three times the company has been named the overall winner.
From a comprehensive incentive program to a system that automates maintenance scheduling, FCC strives to improve its drivers’ daily lives. Earlier this year, the company rolled out a new mentor program to help drivers adjust to life behind the wheel and build peer relationships throughout the company’s driver ranks.
It also listens to what drivers have to say. FCC developed a program to follow up with drivers and gather feedback at the 10-, 30-, and 90-day marks after orientation. But rather than have driver managers conduct the interviews, it has employees in customer service and other departments call, hoping that drivers will be more likely to engage in an open and honest discussion about their early experience with the fleet.
As a result of its driver-cetneric philosophy, FCC enjoys one of the lowest turnover rates in the truckload industry.
FCC ranks number 220 overall and number 94 in the general freight segment for the CCJ Top 250.”

Thanks again, CCJ. We are proud to serve our employees and the trucking industry well.