Fremont Contract Carriers provides flood relief in Nebraska.At Fremont Contract Carriers, we know firsthand how devastating the recent flooding has been in Nebraska, as it was literally at our front doorsteps here in Fremont. As the flood waters continued to rise, farms, ranches, and homesteads were destroyed, and entire communities were displaced – this is not an easy time for many Nebraskans, and the process to restore what was lost is going to be a long and difficult journey.

Towards the end of March, two communities to the north of us – Hooper and Winslow – were inundated by floodwaters as well. Donations such as bottled water, non-perishable foodstuffs, and cleaning supplies began arriving almost immediately – however, there was no where safe and dry for the items to be stored.

This is where FCC came into play! We were able to deliver two trailers to the town of Hooper, allowing the residents of both communities to have a secure, sheltered area to collect, store, and distribute the supplies that were so generously donated.

At the beginning of April we had the opportunity to lend another helping hand – this time to Fur-Ever Home, Inc. of behalf of Nestle Purina. Fur-Ever Home (a nonprofit organization based out of Fremont, NE that specializes in rehoming, fostering, and foster-to-adopt programs for dogs) opened a Food and Supply Bank to assist with the collection and distribution of donated pet supplies and food. Nestle Purina kindly donated 43,000 pounds of Purina pet food and litter to the organization – however, getting the food from the Purina facility in Crete to the shelter was no small task!

Fortunately, transporting supplies is something FCC excels at and, once we found out about the opportunity to serve we were more than happy to help! Shortly thereafter FCC trucks picked up the four-and-a-half ton donation from Crete and delivered it to the Fur-Ever Home. Here’s a letter we recently received from the Fur-Ever Home, detailing what they’ve been able to accomplish with the donated supplies – the organization states

“We recently serviced just under 170 animals from the flooding so the food donation your company handled transport on was of utmost need. Additionally, part of the donation is being utilized by our pet pantry which is providing food and supplies to owners until most can get back on their feet. This pet pantry has provided assistance to 337 families since it opened March 23, 2019.”

Letter from Fur Ever Homes

Our continued thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the flooding and as opportunities to serve continue to present themselves we will do our absolute best to help however we can – that’s what makes us #NebraskaStrong.