Now that you have your CDL license there is a big decision that you need to make. How you want to join the trucking industry! There are several options to choose from including large corporations, small companies, local businesses, or becoming an owner-operator. Each of these options gives you something different! A large corporation gives you national locations with interstate routes while a small company allows you to transport goods across state lines. Local businesses are privately owned and often operate in a smaller circle while being an owner-operator allows you to be your own boss. 

Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages and in this blog, we will discuss each one to help you choose exactly what you want to do. 



It comes down to large corporations vs small companies overall and there are many different aspects of these companies to consider. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

A small company will often give you the ability to spend more time with family and stay close to home, be more competitive with compensation, and offer a family-like atmosphere. These companies work with their drivers to get them home when they need to for family obligations. Smaller companies will often also have nicer, newer trucks and equipment.

A large corporation has different advantages such as a variety of freight, the ability to travel across the country, and a more structured environment. They will have more equipment and you are more likely to receive drop and hook loads. 



Large corporations and small companies also have their disadvantages.

Small companies may not have the same variety of loads or the traveling lifestyle you are looking for. Smaller companies can offer this but it is not always the case.

Large corporations often treat their drivers like a number and there is a lack of recognition and respect. You won’t get the same family-like atmosphere that you would at a smaller company and you may struggle to get time off last minute for family emergencies. 



There are many differences between large and small trucking companies. Here at FCC, we treat our drivers like family,  you are more than a number to us. Consider applying at FCC today!