Long haul truck drivers drive from state to state and are often on the road for multiple days and sometimes weeks. A long haul route takes a lot of time and energy to complete – so what are some things truck drivers do to pass the time while on a long haul?


Keep Your Mind Active

It is important to keep your mind active while you are driving for long periods of time. Many truck drivers turn on their radio, listen to podcasts, or even listen to audiobooks while driving long distances. If you have trouble finding music you like on the radio, consider getting Spotify. There are also many talk shows on the radio if that’s more your style. 


Get Rest

While you are on your downtime it is important to get the proper amount of rest you need to function. This doesn’t necessarily mean sleeping the whole time, you can read a book or watch a movie. Try parking at a truck stop with free wifi or even keeping a journal to help pass your time.


Take Breaks

While you are on your drive, make sure to take plenty of breaks that allow you to move around. Getting some steps in will help you feel like time is passing faster, and you can even take some time to exercise. Consider carrying some weights in your truck or going for a short run when you stop. 


Enjoy The View

One of the best parts of long-haul trucking is all the amazing sites you get to see. Take in the view and enjoy the mix of scenery you get to see on your route if you are able to find a decent spot to take your break, maybe even consider walking around and seeing some more touristy things. 



Keeping your mind and body active and engaged is essential as a long-haul truck driver. Here at Fremont Contract Carriers, we care about you on your long haul; consider driving for FCC today.