Any professional truck driver will tell you that windy conditions can be dangerous. It is easy to underestimate windy conditions since they don’t seem as dangerous as ice, snow, or rain. However, wind can be just as dangerous if you aren’t prepared. Here are our tips for staying safe in high wind conditions. 


1. Pay Attention

When you are driving it is important to pay attention to your surroundings. Consider if you see the road signs are moving more that means the wind is picking up. Make sure to keep both hands on the wheel and watch out for the drivers around you who might not be paying attention. 

2. Check The Weather

Making sure to check the weather before your trip so that you know what to expect is also important. Are there high winds? Will other severe weather blow in with it? Knowing what to expect will help increase your ability to be safe on the road. 


3. Learn Warning Signs

It is important to learn the warning signs of high winds and when these conditions can become worse. Windy conditions often lead to tornadoes. You may not always be able to see the obvious signs of a funnel cloud so make sure you are aware of the other signs that a tornado is approaching. Be aware of a dark sky with a green or yellow tint, an approaching cloud of debris, hail without rain, or a freight train-like roaring sound. 


4. Consider Your Load Size

If you are hauling a lighter load – keep in mind that it can be easier to blow over than a heavy load. If there are high winds on your route consider trying to reschedule your delivery if possible if you are hauling a lighter load. 


5. Learn Safe Driving Techniques

The most important thing is to learn safe driving techniques for high wind situations. Keep both your hands on the steering wheel at all times with a firm grip, drive slowly, and turn your hazard lights on to warn other drivers in the vicinity. It is also a good idea to stay in the right lane since many other drivers won’t be as cautious as you are being. Remember, your safety is the most important. If you need to pull over and wait the winds out, then do so.



Your safety should always be a priority so remember these tips while driving in high wind situations. Consider these safety tips next time you find yourself delivering a load in high wind situations. 

Here at FCC, we value our drivers’ safety. Consider driving for FCC today.