most scenic drives for truckers who love their waterside viewsAny trucker will tell you that there are many ups and downs in the world of truckers. The job comes with good pay and benefits, as well as vacation time and a lot of downtime. Being on the clock can be challenging since it means long hours, traffic, and boredom on the road. However, most truckers will tell you that they love their job. One of the best things about trucking is the chance to see different parts of the country. Most people do not get to be a tourist while they work!

There are trucking routes for all kinds of interests. Maybe you enjoy getting to know new people and cultures. Maybe you like to try out food in different cities around the country. Or maybe you prefer scenic drives that show off the best of the country’s natural scenery. Here are some of the most scenic drives for truckers who love their waterside views.

I-64 Through West Virginia

As you travel westward through the state of West Virginia, you aren’t going to see much. West Virginia is one of the most notoriously rural and scenic states east of the Mississippi River. In fact, if you have ever driven through it at night, you may have been struck by how dark it is. But as you near Ohio, you will cross over the Ohio River at the Riverfront Expressway. This lovely river gets its name from the Seneca language meaning “good river”. It is the center of civilization for the people of the Ohio Valley, supplying drinking water to more than three million people.

Highway 1 Up the Pacific Coast

There is no doubt that California is a beautiful place to be. The drive along Highway 1 has been called iconic and compared to the kind of views you will see in movies. No wonder, since Hollywood is not far off. This drive features hours of breathtaking oceanside views. Even better, you can enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine even from the highway. With views like this, there is no way you can be bored as you make your way up the coast.

The views off of Highway 1 are also famous for their glimpses of cliffs towering over the ocean and spectacular sunsets. If you have the opportunity to do this drive, it is not to be missed.

U.S. 1 Through the Florida Keys

Talk about a tropical drive. This highway winds its way through the chain of islands off the Florida coast. From Key Largo to Key West, you will get to see the oceanside views that people save for their special vacations. With mile upon mile of beach views as well as glimpses of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. It is a beautiful drive through one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country — and for good reason. What is more, it is also the perfect opportunity to break up the sameness of driving through mountains or farmland. Here, you will be on the ocean the entire time.

Interstate 70 Through Glenwood Canyon

If you prefer fresh mountain air and riverside views to oceanside ones, you will love this drive through Colorado. The interstate follows the Colorado River, so you get the best of both water and mountain views. Moreover, you will also climb to some seriously breathtaking heights, as the highway climbs to higher than 1,300 feet. It is an unbelievable drive through quintessential Colorado. This drive is highly varied, with sights of the canyons and the river, so there is never a dull moment.