Know the strangest truck stops in united statesThere’s no doubt that truck drivers encounter some interesting experiences at truck stops along their route. Whether it is odd food or just unique character, these truck stops are an experience that no one can forget. Of course, some truck stops top the list of the most bizarre and the most interesting. But seasoned truck drivers will say that it’s all part of the adventure of being on the road! Here are some of the strangest truck stops you can find in the United States.

    1. Tiger Truck Stop, Louisiana
      If you think this is exactly what it sounds like, you’d be right: the tiger truck stop is a place where you can meet actual, literal tigers. Another cool but less crazy detail is that you can also enjoy some alligator sauce here, but let’s focus on the really weird part: there are TIGERS. Seven tiger cubs have been born at this truck stop. It’s currently embroiled in a battle against lawmakers and activists who say that tigers shouldn’t be kept at truck stops. Why they think that, we can’t imagine.


    1. Iowa 80 Truck stop, Iowa
      This truck stop claims to be the biggest truck stop in the world, and it might be right. Most truck stops contain a diner, a shop for essentials, showers, and bathrooms. Iowa 80 contains everything from a dentist’s office to a chiropractor’s office to a full restaurant and a movie theater. There is even a trucker’s showroom called the Trucker Jamboree. If there was anything you wanted while you were on the road, you can find it and more at the Iowa 80 Truck Stop. Of course, the restaurant features all the regular fare that you will normally find at truck stop diners.


    1. Johnson’s Corner, Colorado
      Johnson’s Corner isn’t much to look at, being a tiny truck stop that opened in the ‘50s. But here’s the crazy part: when we say it opened in the ‘50s, we mean it has been open since the ‘50s. That’s right, since 1952, this little truck stop has never once been closed. Instead, travelers have enjoyed its restaurant, chapel, convenience store, and lounge at all hours. This is extra crazy since this part of Colorado experiences some of the wildest weather in the state. But in a perfect example of “rain or shine,” this little truck stop has never once closed its doors.


    1. South of the Border, South Carolina
      You probably have never thought that truck stops are a place to see wild animals, but it turns out, there’s more than one that doubles as a zoo. South of the Border includes six restaurants and the biggest indoor reptile exhibit in the entire country. But it isn’t just a dining experience, a wildlife exhibit, and a truck stop; it’s also an amusement park outfitted with a roller coaster and an arcade. If there is anything that can save you from the boredom of the road, South of the Border is the perfect stop.


  1. Trail’s Travel Center, Minnesota
    Of course, you should never drink and drive, but Trail’s Travel Center does boast the largest whiskey collection for sale in the southern part of the state. If this wasn’t strange enough, there is also a host of fast food restaurants, a sit-down restaurant, tavern, movie theater, and church services every Sunday. There is no doubt that stopping at Trail’s Travel Center means getting so much more than just a shower and a diner meal. There is also free Wi-Fi so you can document your experiences at this strange truck stop in southern Minnesota.