Truck drivers should consider working with Fremont Contract Carriers, which is one of the best transportation and logistics companies. Although headquartered in Fremont, Nebraska, the company offers services throughout the United States and Canada. So, whether you are seeking transportation services from a reputable provider or are a competent and experienced driver who has been searching for a reliable employer, FCC has you covered.

Other than ensuring that our customers get quality services on time, we also make sure our drivers are happy to work with us. We know the drivers are the key to our success, and we do everything we can to meet their needs. FCC runs 24/7, throughout the year, meaning we need a team that can always come through for our customers. In return, we ensure our drivers enjoy working with us and feel appreciated. Here are a few of the numerous reasons why our drivers love to work at FCC.

1. Everyone Is Family

FCC treats all its staff members like family, which is why our members act as a team to meet customers’ needs. Since drivers sacrifice a lot for the company and are often away from their families, FCC continuously meets their family needs, as well. Clear channels have also been put in place to address problems that may occur either at work or in the team’s families. So, whether the drivers are away or at home, they know they can talk to the company and the matter will be addressed right away, regardless of the time.

2. Great Pay

Like any other company, FCC strives to offer services at a reasonable cost. However, this doesn’t mean that we pay our staff poorly. FCC provides impressive salaries, including additional benefits and bonuses to ensure our drivers meet their requirements.

3. Varying Assignments

Although our area of coverage is broad, drivers are assigned both short- and long-distance jobs. Such an arrangement enables the truck drivers to be at home with their families more often, if not every day.

4. Awesome Trucks

FCC uses different types of vehicles to deliver services to different customers. But all these vehicles have one thing in common: They are well-maintained, so drivers won’t experience frequent breakdowns. Undoubtedly, mechanically fit trucks promote work efficiency.

5. Flexible Work Schedules

If our drivers want to take a day or two off to take care of some family or personal matters, we always grant their wishes. Days off-duty enable them to be focused at work when they resume, resulting in quality service.

6. Preplanned Work Programs

Our management team is competent and always creates work schedules for the drivers in advance. The drivers are given their assignments on time, so there are no dispatch delays that could affect the delivery time. Drivers can maximize every hour to stay safe on the road and make deliveries on time.

7. Safe Working Conditions

Even though our trucks are young, our team makes sure they are serviced and maintained regularly by experts. The regular servicing of vehicles contributes to safe driving. FCC also offers a safe working environment in the central area of operations.

8. Additional Facilities

Besides ensuring that the trucks are in excellent condition, FCC fits vehicles with numerous modern amenities. Such amenities offer the comfort the drivers require, making their work experience more enjoyable.

9. On-Job Training

Our drivers also undergo on-job training regularly to update them on recent industry changes. The aim is to promote efficiency and safety at work.

10. Travel to New Places

Thanks to our wide area of coverage, our drivers get the chance to travel to new places and meet new people as they work. These are areas drivers may not otherwise find their way to during their free time.