Different american trucks in a row

In honor of driver appreciation month, we want to brag about what makes truck drivers special. We care about each and every one of our drivers and want to take the time to thank them for all they do. 


We Wouldn’t Be Anything Without Them

Without truck drivers, we wouldn’t be anything! If you are shopping at a grocery store or ordering a package, you have a truck driver to thank for that! Truck drivers roll coast to coast to make sure we get the things we need! 


They Are Well-Traveled

Not many people can say their job takes them all over the continental United States. The US has many geographic wonders, and truck drivers get to see it all! Imagine being in Texas one day and Florida the next, only to be in Organ a few days later. They get to see places most people never see and meet so many interesting people.


They Are Generous

Truck drivers are so generous and often have a charitable heart. There are organizations like Truckers Against Trafficking and the Trucker Buddy program, which each have a different need filled. Truck drivers work to help those around them and sometimes make a child’s day. 



We love our truck drivers and appreciate all they do every day! What makes truck drivers special to you?

Here at Fremont Contract Carriers, we care about all of our drivers – consider driving for FCC today!