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Rolling Strong with FCC

Rolling Strong provides professional drivers with solutions to stay healthy, helping them drive in good health and return home safely to those who count on them. FCC has partnered with Rolling Strong to offer a driver wellness program that educates drivers on nutrition, fitness, and sleep through their Rolling Strong app to keep our FCC Family on the road to good health.

  • Receive in-app support from wellness coaches, specifically trained in the professional driver lifestyle.
  • Gain access to Rolling Strong’s partner support services including health stations, health screenings, DOT examiners, and retail discounts.
  • Win prizes for making healthy choices: drivers are compensated through the app with points towards gift cards, driver gear, and more.
  • First-in-class driver CDL Ready Re-Certification program that helps drivers prepare for the medical portion of their CDL licensing and recertification.

Just like your truck is important for your livelihood, your body is important for your quality of life. If the truck breaks down, there may be another to take its place. However, there is only one you. The Rolling Strong app’s extensive feature list and support system is an all-inclusive tool to help FCC’s drivers stay healthy on the road. The driver wellness app and program are HIPAA regulated, which ensures that personal data is not shared with anyone.

The program is free to all FCC employees and is only $5 a month for non-employees. You don’t have to take this journey alone, your whole family can start Rolling Strong today!

For more information email Susan Hilgenkamp at susan.hilgenkamp@fcc-inc.com.


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