Driver Recognition

Driver Hall of Fame

Here at FCC our drivers are at the heart of everything we do, they quite literally drive our business. Every month we like to take a moment to highlight the best that FCC has to offer. While we wish that we could recognize all of our amazing drivers every month, we choose one driver a month who stood out and went above and beyond with their productivity and safety record. Below are some of the best drivers that FCC has to offer.

May Drivers of the Month

Previous Drivers of the Month

2024 – By Division


Long Haul

Southwest Region

Midwest Region

May – Glenda Counts

April – Mike McMillip

March – David Compton

February – Jacob McCloskey

January – Chris Drexler

May – Larry Harvell

April – Kevin Butler

March – Robert Boughton

February – Richard Waldrop

January – Donald Mertens

May – Rodney Vancil

April – Daniel Dalrymple

March – TJ Houltberg

February – James Blackmon

January – Adrian McBryde

May – Marty Thompson

April – James Wertjes

March – Harlan Guhde

February – Dennis Lankford

January – Mark Schmidt

2023 – By Division


Long Haul

Southwest Region

Midwest Region

December – Josh Hunt

October – Mike Peitzmeier

September – Jay Holtzen

August – Patrick Jones

July – Chad Christensen

June – Terry Brittenham

May – Dan Felber

April – Fred Smith

March – Andres Trejo-Solis

February – Randy Massey

January – Chris Trusow

December – Wayne Chamulak

October – Teresa DeWitt

September – Wayne Tobeck

August – Cheryl Hunt

July – Team McGinnis (Kim/Mike)

June – Travis Reynolds

May – Roy Ash

April – J. Gerrard

March – Wayne Stevens

February – Roy Deviney

January – Kevin Meader

December – Clemente Gutierrez

October – David Gillett

September – Victor Amezquita

August – Mike Tirri

July – Wes Palmer

June – Billy & Jess North

May – Greg Bell

April – Bill Barnum

March – Ronald Glisson

February – Rick Mengedoht

January – Jessie Gibson

December – Derrell/Tammi Daniel

October – Mac McKnight

September – Bill Hopkins

August – Les Floto

July – David Overmann

June – Mark Donoghue

May – Trent Babendure

April – Scott Hoover

March – Daniel Roberts

February – August Ronnebaum

January – Rodney Ashenfelter

2022 – By Division


Long Haul

Southwest Region

Midwest Region

December – Stan Newton

October – Todd Gallagher

September – Thomas Maidlow

August – Ron Rustman

July – Brian Dirr

June – Armando Ballesteros

May – Chris Johnson

April – Richard Thompson

March – Joe Seabury

February – Jeff Hardison

January – Troy Freyermuth

December – Joe Harding

October – Lauro Labrada

September – Cheryle Hunt

August – Larry Harvell

July – John Duncan

June – Raelyn Osborne

May – Lee Hennessee

April – DShaka Golden

March – Mark Griffin

February – David Reece

January – Neil Herrs

December – Jordan Schechinger

October – Harlan Guhde

September – Mike Hegr

August – Jason VanBeek

July – Jorge Vargas

June – Dennis Lankford

May – Robbie Wruck

April – Jim Wertjes

March – Daniel Salyers

February – Jeff Serrafin

January – Allen Heaney

December – Dannie Jurgens

October – Robin Brodie

September – John Symit

August – Troy Hill

July – Paul Ward

June – Mike Tirri

May – Marcus Benning

April – Ryan Richards

March – Tim Masters

February – Bryon Duysen

January – Chad Worrall

2021 – By Division


Long Haul

Southwest Region

Midwest Region

December – Pat Crumb

October – David Gillett

September – Sid Robinson

August – John Szymanski

July – Fred Smith

June – Doug Thorton

May – Fred Madison

April – Glenda Counts

March – Tim McGrath

February – Bob Drake

January – Pablo Alvarez

December – Roy Richardson

October – Roger “Mac” McKenzie

September – Rick Hauf

August – Leonard Kelton

July – Scott Powers

June – Mike Parker

May – Jeremy Berry

April – Debra Dupuy

March – Alex Hansen

February – David Reece

January – Andrew Mikov

December – Michael Carr

October – Ronald Glisson

September – Anthony Cross

August – Adam Sanford

July – William Custard

June – Brett Clark

May – Rory Ashlee

April – James Elliot

March – Chad Christensen

February – Greg Holbert

January – Michael McClure

December – Darrell & Tammi Daniel

October – Timothy Ryan

September – Mark Donoghue

August – Anthony Mitchell

July – Jorge Vargas

June – Jeff Kohl

May – Michael Cosbey

April – Rodney Ashenfelter

March – Harrison Cole

February – Chris Jensen

January – Les Floto

2020 – By Division


Long Haul

Southwest Region

Midwest Region

December – Larry Ward

October – Ronald Rustman

September – Landan Deahn

August – Mike Sisco

July – Fred Smith

June – Armando Ballesteros

May – James Newsom

April – Pat Crumb

March – Fred Madison

February – Bobby Hoard

January – Christopher Johnson

December – Kevin Meader

October – Adam Knueve

September – Joe Kambo

August – David Gilpin

July – Scott Powers

June – JD Cupps

May – Shane Peace

April – James Sanger

March – Cheryl Hunt

February – Michael Parker

January – Debra Dupuy

December – Ryan Richards

October – Michael Tirri

September – Robin Brodie

August – Larry Ayers

July – William “Todd” Custard

June – Jeffery Smithey

May – Gregory Abbott

April – David Mantz

March – Roy Ash

February – Jere Patterson

January – Ray Anderson

December – Ben Stinnett

October – Duane Bender

September – August Ronnebaum

August – Skeet McClure

July – Jorge Vargas

June – Gerald Roberts

May – William Hopkins

April – Harlan Guhde

March – Trent Babendure

February – Michael Hegr

January – Kenneth Johnson

2019 – By Division


Long Haul

Southwest Region

Midwest Region

December – Michael Peitzmeier

October – Henry Bender

September – Chris Pollak

August – Roger Pitt

July – Pablo Alvarez

June – Excel Mosby

May – Bill Austin

April – Brian Dirr

March – Terry Sramek

February – Luciano Gutierrez

January – Gene Miller

December – James Pearson

October – Larry Powell

September – Joe Hemp

August – Mike Burkholder

July – John Fendley

June – Shaka Golden

May – Francisco Lambey

April – Jeff Tomlinson

March – David Gilpin

February – Lauro Labrada

January – Jimmie Wright

December – Scott Beemer

October – Rick Mengedoht

September – Victor Amezquita

August – John Norviel

July – Charity Johson

June – Mike & Deb Nichols

May – Adam Knueve

April – Barry Springer

March – Adam Johnson

February – Neil Winningham

January – Blake Shelton

December – Verlyn Torgerson

October – Jim Wertjes

September – Jon Dymit

August – Allen Heaney

July – Gary Trumbauer

June – Robbie Wruck

May – Jeffery Stiverson

April – Clarence McKnight

March – José Trejo

February – Harold Yarbrough

January – Daniel Smith

Million Miler Club

We are extremely proud of our driver’s safety records, and would like to take the time to recognize all of our drivers who have reached one million miles accident-free. By joining the Million Miler Club, our drivers show a commitment to safety that is second to none. We express our appreciation for this by rewarding all of our drivers that reach this goal. Million Milers receive a custom Carhartt jacket, a plaque, a decal for their cab, and their name etched on a large plaque in the main office. Exactly how far is one million miles? Here are some statistics to put it into perspective: You would have to drive around the equator 40 times to reach one million miles. If you were driving at 60 mph, it would take you two years of continuous driving to reach one million miles. You could go to the moon and back, TWICE, and not hit one million miles. To all of our drivers who have reached this huge milestone, we would like to say congratulations, and thank you for being the backbone of FCC.

Million Miler Club

One Million Milers

Kenneth Albus
Philip Alestri
Victor Amezquita
Ronald Armstead
Gene Alexander
Kevin Arp
Larry Ayers
Bill Barnum
Terri Bates
James Bailey
Duane Behrens
Duane Bender
Kenneth Beougher
Ricky Bisom
Kevin Brant
Lou Brunken
Martin Burk
Adrian Cantrell
Greg Cline
Bryan Collier
Eric Condron
Patrick Crumb
Allen Heaney
Troy Hill
Brian Kenefelkamp
Adam Kneuve
Darrell Daniel
Tammi Daniel
Sergio De La O
Ralph Dean
Earl Deterding
Clifford Downing
Harry Drake
Reuben Dupsky
Donald Dupuy
Bryon Duyson
John Dymit
Chris Ehrgott
Daniel Felber
Dennis Fitch
Dan Fleming
Lucio Franco
Gary Frenzel
Jeffrey Frey
Troy Freyermuth
Jessie Gibson
David Gilpin
Harlan Guhde
Larry Powell
Brient Fingerle
Les Floto
Mark Geyer

Benjamin Harman
Robert Harper
Anthony Harrell
Terry Hartman
Rick Hauf
Glen Haumont
Doyle Haynes
Jennifer Hinman
Bobby Hoard
James Hoffman
Brenda Holman
Gary Holty
Kevin Holtzen
Jay Holtzen
Scott Hoover
Owen Howard
Wayne Howard
Jeff Iske
Mark Immenschuh
Larry Jackson
Annett Jensen
Rob Jensen
Larry Jackson
Annett Jensen
Rob Jensen
Rick Brown

Chris Jensen
Joseph Johns
Jay Koch
Kip Kotas
Stanley Lehn
Dale Linck
Craig Luck
Jamie Littrel
Jimmy Maassen
Michael Mcclure
Skeet Mcclure
Roger Mckenzie
Clarence Mcknight
Kevin Meader
Ricky Mengedoht
Andrew Mikov
Thomas Mills
Ronald Moody
William Moreno
Excel Moseby
Debra Nichols
Michael Nichols
Jeff Mangum
Tim McGrath
Gerald Bruck
Brett Clark
Dennis Noelle
Sergio Ortiz
Monte Owens
Andrew Parker
Michael Parker
Scott Powers
Mark Reagan
Willis Richards
Roy Richardson
Judy Ritthaler
Steve Ritthaler
Sidney Robinson
Gary Ross
Samuel Ross
Anabel Saucedo
Aaron Screckengost
Randy Schroeder
Mike Seely
Randy Shults
Kenneth Skaggs
Ronald Stearns
Wayne Stevens
Jeff Hardison
Larry Sobolik
Kevin Sullivan
Richard Thompson

Dennis Sturtevant
James Tallant
John Thomas
Richard Thornton
Robert Thurston
Ronald Timm
Michael Tirri
Jeffrey Tomlinson
Verlyn Torgerson
Christopher Trusow
Janet Vantassel
Kenneth Wagner
Damon Watts
Garry Wellman
Adrian Witteman
Kent Wood
Jimmie Wright
Jorge Vargas
Ken Boesch
Rodney Vancil
Marcos Hernandez

Two Million Milers

Three Million Milers

Kevin Arp
Terri Bates
Adrian Cantrell
Greg Cline
Bryan Collier
Darrell Daniel
Tammi Daniel

Earl Deterding
Bryon Duysen
Gary Frenzel
Jessie Gibson
Robert Harper
Randy Schroeder

Terry Hartman
Rick Hauf
Doyle Haynes
Bobby Hoard
James Hoffman
Brenda Holman
Jay Holtzen
Kevin Holtzen
Chris Jensen
Robie Jensen
Emil Kotas
Dale Linck

Michael McClure
Kevin Meader
Ricky Mengendoht
Ronald Moody
Monte Owens
Andrew Parker
Mark Reagan
Roy Richardson
Wayne Stevens
Dennis Sturtevant
John Thomas
Richard Thornton
Robert Thurston
Ronald Timm
Michael Tirri
Jeff Tomlinson
Damon Watts
Garry Wellman
Kent Wood
Dan Fleming
Jay Koch
Terri Bates
Chris Jensen
Robie Jensen
Kip Kotas
Richard Thornton
Janet Vantassel

Jay Holtzen
Kevin Meader
Greg Cline

Four Million Milers

Craig Duysen
Rob Jensen