As the holiday season approaches it may be difficult to think of great gifts to get the truck driver in your life. Here is a list of gifts that are useful for drivers in their daily lives on the road.


Back Support Belt

Backaches are often a problem that many truck drivers have. This back support belt will help the driver in your life with whatever back problems they may have while on the road.


Seat Cushions 

Sitting for long periods of time can be a cause of back pain. These seat cushions provide lumbar support and will help make those long hours on the road more comfortable.


Driving Gloves

During their long stretches on the road a driver’s hands can begin to ache and burn. These gloves will help protect their skin, bringing comfort and allowing them to drive in comfort.



Truck drivers are often overwhelmed by their schedules and work loads. A planner is a great way to help them meet all their deadlines and become more organized.


Insulated Mug 

An insulated mug will be great to help keep a driver’s drink hot or cold. This mug will help keep their coffee hot between stops so they can always have something hot (or cold) to drink while on the go. It will work much better than those paper mugs you get at the gas station.


Sleep Mask

This sleep mask molds around your eyes for the ultimate blackout experience. Truck drivers never know where they are going to sleep and more often than not there are bright truck stop lights that will be bothering them when they try to sleep. 


Snack Box

Spending extended amounts of time on the road is always better when snacks are involved. These snacks will help keep your driver’s belly full in between truck stops. And who ever said no to a good snack?



The holidays are just around the corner! Here are a few great gift ideas for the truck driver in your life. 

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