As a truck driver, you have to deal with dangerous conditions on the road every day. From accidents, to crazy drivers on the road; you need to be able to spot a danger the instant it happens. A pair of inexpensive sunglasses will not help you see more hazards because the light often reflects off them and creates glare. You are on the road and in the sunlight for a good chunk of each day.

A good pair of sunglasses is also essential because you still need to allow enough light to enter your eyes. The Automobile Association recommends that the sunglasses allow at least 18 to 43 percent of available light to enter your eyes. This will help you see the road clearly without your vision being obstructed.

Purchasing the right sunglasses will give you high-quality lenses that are not warped, allowing you to see in all directions without obstruction. While you still want to allow light to enter your eyes, professional-grade sunglasses will also give you protection from harmful UV rays. They will also help reduce glare from reflective surfaces out on the road.

When you are looking for your perfect pair of sunglasses, there are a few things to keep in mind about the tints. There are two main types of tinting in sunglasses. A variable tint lens will change how much it is tinted depending on the kind of light it is exposed to. You should avoid picking out sunglasses that only react to UV light. This is because many windshields already filter out UV light, so your sunglasses may be too light for the amount of sun.

On the other hand, many sunglasses have a fixed tint. This means they do not change the amount of tinting. If you choose polarized sunglasses, they will usually come with a fixed shade. They can help reduce the amount of light reflecting off of wet roads.

Some sunglasses are a combination of fixed and variable tints. These sunglasses are graduated, which means the bottom of each lens is lighter than the top of the lens. This way, you can see the controls in the car while still protecting your eyes.


Serengeti Nuvola Sunglasses

These high-quality sunglasses have polycarbonate lenses that will help the glasses last for a long time to come. They also adjust to changing light conditions, meaning if you are driving around dawn or dusk, or in changing weather conditions, you will not have to switch out your glasses. They adjust based on the available light, not just UV rays. They are available in prescription.


Wiley X Brick

These tactical sunglasses will protect your eyes from pollen and dust, making them perfect for traveling through a variety of locations. They allow 14 to 20 percent of light to enter your eyes. The sunglasses’ lenses come in a smoke gray color, meaning colors will not be distorted.


Survival Optics S.O.S. Ranger

These are the sunglasses usually issued in the U.S. Armed Forces. The lenses are sturdy and will not shatter, while the steel frame is very lightweight. They block all UV rays as well as infrared rays from the sun because these rays can cause itchy, dry eyes. The tips and nose pieces allow the user to wear them for an extended period – perfect for truck drivers who are on the road all the time.


The Bottom Line

No matter which sunglasses you choose for driving, remember that they are an investment for your career – and your safety. Having the right sunglasses will keep you safe on the road, and it will also protect your vision.