The first few weeks of your new career can be full of questions. At Fremont Contract Carriers, we get that, and we want our new employees to be focused on what they do well, not the uncertainty of who to go to when a question arises. To help new drivers find their groove within the company, we have created the FCC Driver Mentor Program. Among others, the chief goal of the program is to help new drivers adjust and acclimate to life as an FCC Driver.

During orientation, new drivers will be assigned an FCC Driver Mentor who will be there to coach the new driver for the first six weeks of their employment at FCC. The mentors consist of both veteran Company drivers and veteran Independent Contractors.

This program is designed to help combat the uncomfortableness that every new driver experiences the first few weeks on the job. The FCC Driver Mentor Program was created to help our new employees settle into their role as an FCC truck driver, as well as to have our seasoned veterans share their wealth of knowledge.

Through the program, the new driver will have the ability to contact their veteran driver mentor anytime they need to. As the new driver may not yet feel comfortable asking their Driver Manager questions, the driver mentor will be available to field any questions that the new driver has. Additionally, the new driver can reach out to the mentor driver if they are experiencing a particularly challenging day on the road, or if they simply just need someone to talk to.

Not only is the program’s goal to make the first weeks on the job easier for new drivers, but it’s also to promote and build peer relationships among drivers throughout the company. The relationships built will give new drivers the opportunity to communicate with other FCC employees. Establishing professional relationships throughout the company will increase communication between drivers, which boosts efficiency for both the drivers and FCC.

Additionally, the program will benefit our veteran drivers. The mentor drivers that demonstrate excellent leadership qualities will be recognized as those who can act as a liaison between the company and the new employees.

We hope that this program will help make new drivers feel more comfortable and at-ease driving for FCC, increase driver retention and driver safety, as well as establish professional relationships among employees of all expertise levels throughout the company.