Last week, we were honored to release 2 new trailer wraps; one thanking first responders, and another shedding light on large issue in the US, human trafficking. The anti-trafficking trailer also sports the number people can call to report signs of trafficking they have seen. These two trailers, nearly a year in the making, can now be seen out on the road.

At our event on Thursday, honoring first responders, NSP Colonel John Bolduc thanked FCC for our dedication to safety and for bringing to light a serious and heinous crime with our Truckers Against Human Trafficking trailer wrap, while FCC President, Tim McCormick, thanked our staff as well as the first responders for all they do. Fremont Contract Carriers is proud to drive these trailers all over the U.S., along with our trailer thanking our veterans. We have a large canvas to shed light on issues we’re passionate about, and we are happy to be able to use those in this way. We are proud to support those everyday heroes in the world from our military, to our first responders, and of course, our very own drivers!

For all of you who step up and help others, we thank you!