One year down and one to go with our FCC Driver Advisory Board. Pictured (from L to R) are Owen Howard, Jason Colvin, Reuben Dupsky and Larry Ayers. James Pierce is not pictured. FCC prides itself on having a culture of transparency with its in-house and driving associates. With roughly 400 active drivers, we want to create an additional option to provide our drivers a formalized platform. This will give them an even bigger voice and impact on company decisions and issues as well as to create strong advocates for company changes, updates and driver concerns. The objective is to simply listen to our drivers and react accordingly. I want to thank these individuals for their time this year in bringing up concerns and asking a lot of great questions in representing our driving force.

The scope of the Driver Advisory Board is to identify opportunities, discuss ideas to lead change and collectively solve challenges we are facing as an organization.

Individuals represented at the Driver Advisory Board Meetings:

Erik Andry – Operations
Trey Novotny – Safety
Susan Hilgenkamp – Human Resources
Mike Andresen – Recruiting
Matt Hidy – Maintenance
Georgia Stibor – Accounting/Payroll
Tim McCormick – Companywide Overview
Guy Mumford – Sales