Trucking lets you see the world, and after a few years on the job, you’ll realize the world is full of delicious food. As a trucker, you probably spend a lot of time eating fast food or greasy truck stop meals. The unhealthy food combined with a sedentary lifestyle can cause you to fight the battle of the bulge. Fortunately, it’s easy to win that battle by changing your diet. Here are some tips for eating healthy while on the road.

Eat More Often

It might sound counter-intuitive, but you should eat more often when you’re on the road. You’ve likely heard that you need to eat three meals a day, but for truckers, it’s better to consume five small meals each day. Fueling your system throughout the day will make it easier to avoid unhealthy temptations. It will also keep your metabolism running and give you extra energy, so you won’t have to rely on coffee or energy drinks to perk up.

Pack Some Food

It can be hard to find healthy food when driving a truck. While there are lots of healthy restaurants and shops out there, they don’t always have parking for trucks. Fortunately, you can bring healthy food with you. Prepare meals of lean meats and vegetables before you hit the road. Separate meals into containers, so you can grab one when it’s time to eat. Then get a little oven designed for trucks. Pop the meal into the oven when you’re ready to eat and then chow down.

Include Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks will help you stave off hunger while on the road. Pack items like carrots, beef jerky, apples, and oranges. You can also pack nuts, but pay attention to your portions. Nuts are high in calories and fat. If you eat an entire container, you’ll take in too many calories. Divide the container into servings, so you won’t overeat.

Plan Your Trip

What if you don’t have time to prepare your meals before you go? If you’re too pressed for time to meal prep, plan your trip in advance. Find stops along the route that offer healthy food options, along with truck parking. Keep in mind how often you need to eat when planning the stops. Then stick to that plan when you hit the road.

Drink Lots of Water

Water will help you stay healthy on the road. The zero-calorie drink will make you feel full between meals, and drinking a glass before you eat can prevent you from overeating. Avoid sugary energy drinks and sodas full of empty calories. Also, don’t drink diet beverages. The artificial sweeteners have been known to make people feel hungry. You’ll be more likely to stop at a truck stop and order a heaping helping of biscuits and gravy or fried chicken if you’re hungry.

Don’t Eat Too Late

You need to stop eating at least one hour before you turn in for the night. If possible, avoid eating for three hours before you go to sleep. Your body won’t burn as many calories if you eat too late. Again, this comes down to planning. Have set meal times and follow them, so you can stay healthy on the road.

Start Getting Healthy

You don’t have to gain weight when you drive a truck. These tips will help you lose weight if needed or maintain your current weight. You will also be less likely to suffer from a cardiovascular condition with these tips. Just like you need to put the right fuel in your truck for it to run, you need to put the right fuel in your truck for it to run, you need to put the right fuel in your body to optimize its performance.