Maintenance is an important part of a truck driver’s daily life. A truck driver with a broken-down truck truly can’t complete their job. It’s paramount to have a reliable truck to have a successful career as an owner-operator. Here are some easy ways to maintain your truck and help take care of your rig and keep you on the road. 

Be Sure to Have Preventative Maintenance

Doing preventative maintenance is just like brushing your teeth! It can seem inconvenient to do it every day, but it helps prevent extensive work and breakdowns in the future. If you can work on staying on top of the maintenance your truck needs, you won’t have to worry about completing as many significant repairs in the future. Spending a little more money to get better fuel, an oil change more often, or various small parts can help keep your truck running better longer. 

Also, be sure to take into consideration what you’re hauling and where! Trucks who are in the midwest or colder climates from November to March will likely need more preventative maintenance than a truck spending that time in the south. Staying on top of these issues will help prevent them from becoming bigger issues. 

Learn To Do It Yourself

Everybody is learning to DIY – it is the new trend. If you are handy (even if you aren’t!) Consider learning how to solve whatever problems that come up without the help of someone else. Outsourcing what you need to be done can be expensive, but it is necessary at times. There is plenty of maintenance that you can learn to do on your own. Learn how to do basic repairs and general upkeep – take the time to really get to know your truck.

Save For Any Big Repair Costs

Maintenance that you can’t do yourself can be a large and surprising expense. It is important as an owner-operator to continue to save money for any unexpected repairs. Putting some money aside for emergencies regularly will help reduce anxiety and stress when something does need to be repaired. There are two popular methods people use for saving:

  • The 15% rule: save 15% of your gross income for any upkeep and repair costs.
  • The $0.15 rule: set aside $0.15 per mile you drive! 

Remember, as an owner-operator, your truck is your business, so it is important to have money set aside for these expenses.

Be Aware

Lastly, it’s important to be aware of your various options. Know what you need for maintenance and know which repair shops are the most reputable. Your truck is your business and your home! Know how to take good care of it and if you can’t know who you want coming into your home to be taking care of it. 


As an owner-operator, it is important to know exactly how to take care of your truck. These are just a couple of tips to help you maintain your truck and business daily. 

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