Here at FCC, when we call each other family we mean it, and we always look out for our family.

To that point, we have some good news! Due to the current economic climate and continued high demand for our services, FCC has been given another opportunity to pay it forward to the men and women who drive the overall success of our family, our FCC drivers.  it is with great pleasure that Fremont Contract Carriers would like to announce yet another pay increase for FCC drivers across the board.

We are ecstatic to offer the third pay increase in the last 12 months for Company Drivers and the fourth increase since January for Owner/Operators. Starting in October, Owner/Operators are getting a 3 cent per mile pay increase which, when added to this year’s previous increases in January, February and July, brings the overall 2018 pay increase to 9 cents per mile for FCC’s Owner/Operators.

This pay increase for all FCC drivers also includes a a 4 cent differential for all of our company Long Haul Van Drivers and an 8 cent differential for all of our company Flatbed Drivers.

We are truly honored to be able to offer another pay increase to our drivers and put more money into their pockets. You are the main force that keeps the lights on and the wheels turning here at Fremont Contract Carriers!




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