Rush hour traffic is dreaded by every driver but especially by truck drivers. Many truck drivers try their best to avoid rush hour traffic but it often isn’t possible. It is important for drivers to keep their wits about them while they are traveling in rush hour traffic. Here are a few tips and tricks to help drivers stay safe.


Take Your Time

Just because it’s called rush hour doesn’t mean you need to rush. It is important to take your time and remain calm throughout rush hour to help prevent accidents. One wrong move by anyone could cause a serious crash or accident. 

Take your time to check your surroundings and pay attention to the vehicles around you. Drive defensively and don’t forget that trucks have a much larger blind spot than other vehicles. 


Invest in a GPS

Modern GPS systems allow you to monitor traffic and find out where it is the most congested. Sometimes they will even give you an alternate route in order to avoid whatever traffic is ahead. This can help you save time and help you know when there is going to be a large amount of traffic you can’t avoid.


Budget for Slowdowns

Always be ready for possible slowdowns. If you know rush hour traffic is coming, budget time to stop and get gas and take a quick break. Make sure you have planned ahead for a couple of slow downs to ensure you are still able to deliver your load on time as well. 


Follow at a Distance

It is important to make sure you follow other drivers at a distance in rush hour traffic. During rush hour, many drivers become impatient and will often cut other people off – riding on other drivers’ tails will only make the situation worse and often will result in an accident.



Rush hour traffic can be stressful and it is important for drivers to stay safe during rush hour. Here at FCC, we prioritize our drivers safety. Consider driving for FCC today.