In this years’ State of the Union Address, one of the attendees was Dan Van Alstine, Chairman of the American Trucking Associations (ATA). While reporters focused on high-profile issues, Van Alstine gained many takeaways about the trucking industry that didn’t make it to national TV. He concludes that trucking remains pivotal to the country’s growth and is a government priority.

Van Alstine was privy to a comprehensive list of strategies to promote the success of the trucking industry. He emphasized that the ATA will keep working to see these plans through. Here are some changes we can look forward to in the future, including improvements in infrastructure, the supply chain, and energy provisions.

Better Allocation of Investments to Infrastructure Projects

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law was a historic win for the trucking industry. The ATA was critical in that bill’s passing, testifying countless times on Capitol Hill. All that effort is paying off, as seen in the 32% increase in bridge and road funding. However, Van Alstine says that the work can’t stop there.

The ATA must ensure that the government directs these funds to critical infrastructure projects. That includes bridge and highway construction, freight bottlenecks, truck parking, and intermodal connectors. The ATA has already appeared twice before the House and Senate to testify and emphasize its importance.

Fewer Chokepoints in the Supply Chain

Another trucking issue that the President highlighted was supply chains, mentioning the various supply chains that truckers depend on and what the government has been doing to address chokepoints. The President also cited the Bipartisan Ocean Shipping Reform Act, which the ATA had a hand in passing. The bill protects American truckers from foreign-owned ocean carriers’ questionable business practices.

Van Alstine recognizes the trucking industry’s vital role in the supply chain. He says that the ATA will continue to help the government create solutions to help alleviate the current issues. That includes allotting investments to essential infrastructure projects and hiring more talents to join the trucking industry workforce.

A More Sustainable Energy Supply

Another focal point of the State of the Union Address was energy. It was a topic that stirred up a lengthy discussion between the President and Republicans. The debate surrounding the issue is only beginning, especially since policymakers have a long way to go in identifying which fuels will power vehicles in the future. Whatever the government’s decisions, they will significantly impact the trucking industry, supply chain, and consumers.

As the discussion continues, the ATA will ensure that the trucking industry is at the forefront of the issue. It will continue to advocate for responsible, sustainable, and achievable energy solutions. According to Van Alstine, powering the country’s fleet is crucial because it’s a path to economic security.

The Bottom Line

The fact that the President highlighted the trucking industry in his State of the Union Address is a promising sign. Given the government’s efforts and the ATA’s support, we can expect to see positive changes in the industry in the following years.

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