As it seems with everything in life, tires fail at the wort possible time. Staying in front of problems can save you a lot of time and headache. Every year, truckers put thousands upon thousands of mile on their trucks, and conversely, their tires. Bad tires can bring your trip to a grinding halt. If your tires do have any issues, you may need to schedule some shop time. Tires are often overlooked, but we expect them to do so much. Being proactive with your tire maintenance promotes both safety and security.

Before you hit the road this summer, give your tires a quick inspection:

  • Check the tire pressure at each wheel position when the tire is cold. Ensure each tire is inflated to the fleet’s recommended pressures. Having underinflated tires increases your risk of tire blowout or irregular wear and tear.
  • Check your tires for uneven wear and tear. Rotate your tires to try and even out wear, or try and find the root of the issue.

Frequent visual inspections of your tires can reveal issues before they blossom into a major issue. A few things to check are:

  • Check your thread conditions for thread depth, uneven wear, and damage.
  • If your tires and getting close to being bald, schedule a time to replace them

During the peak season it may be difficult to schedule maintenance time, but being proactive about your rig’s health will keep you out of the shop and on the road. If you do find yourself sidelined due to maintenance, our maintenance team at FCC is second to none and keeps our drivers on the road.