To those outside the trucking industry, all trips may seem like “Long Haul Routes.” The reality is that while yes, both short and long-haul jobs can be hundreds of miles, there is a significant difference between the two. 


Home Time

At FCC, we pride ourselves on providing our drivers with the opportunity to return home as much as possible. With our short-haul positions, drivers can expect to be home daily with two days off every week. The amount of home-time long-haul drivers receive is a bit more complicated. A long-haul route will always contain at least one overnight stay, and this overnight stay can be at a hotel or in your truck. This means that home times may vary based on where you live.



Long haul routes can be cross country. At FCC, we have Long Haul Van Company Drivers who deliver across the lower 48 states. This allows the driver to experience many different locations across the United States. These trips can range from approximately 3000 miles for a single driver to upwards of 5500 miles per week for Full Team drivers. Short Haul drivers generally stick to a specific region, with approximately 50-60 hours of work weekly with significantly fewer miles.



Short Haul drivers are typically paid hourly, while long haul drivers are usually paid per mile. This allows long-haul drivers to make significantly more money, which comes with more work and more time away from home. Our Long Haul Van company drivers earn an average of $85,000 per year. 



Choosing between short-haul and long-haul driving can be difficult, and it depends on what you value. If you enjoy being on the road, traveling across the country, and are okay with uncertain home time every week, then long-haul driving is the job for you! 

We have short-haul, shag, regional, and long-haul opportunities available here at Fremont Contract Carriers! Consider driving for FCC today!