Winter driving can be dangerous for any driver but especially for truck drivers. There are many unpredictable things that can happen in winter weather and it is always important to be prepared. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you stay safe while driving this winter!


1. Watch For Black Ice

Black ice is a thin layer of transparent ice that is often undetectable while driving and is the cause of many car accidents in the winter. Look for ice buildup on your windshield – this is often a sign that the conditions are right for black ice. Slow down near shaded areas, overpasses, and bridges since these are the areas that tend to freeze first in cold weather.  


2. Slow Down

Be cautious while driving in the winter. Your safety and the safety of those around you is more important than making a delivery right on time. Adjust your speed according to the road conditions to keep yourself safe and give yourself more time to react to anything that goes wrong. 


3. Avoid Sudden Movements

In cold weather conditions, avoid doing anything suddenly. Don’t break suddenly, accelerate suddenly, or turn suddenly. If you are in a situation that demands a sudden stop, pump your breaks instead of slamming them on. Work to maintain consistent speeds to avoid hitting ice at the wrong moment. 


4. Keep Your Headlights On

Keeping your headlights on will allow for other cars to see you in conditions with low visibility. This will allow other drivers to keep a safe distance from your truck.


5. When in Doubt, Pull Over

When in doubt, pull over! Your safety is important – don’t think about your schedule, just make sure you are safe first.



Winter driving can be dangerous – it is important to take precautions while on the road. Here at Fremont Contract Carriers, we value our driver’s safety and it is one of our first priorities. Consider driving for FCC today!