Driving in Flooded Areas

If at all possible, avoid driving through flooded areas. Standing water can be much deeper than it first appears. Many drivers try to drive through water only to find that it is deep enough to pull their wheels off the road or flood their engine. This can mean weaving...

Best Road Trip Snacks

If you work in the trucking industry, one thing is always certain: you will be spending a lot of time on the road. Being on the road can mean stiff legs, tired eyes — and of course, empty stomachs. But it can be difficult to eat well when you are driving long...

The Best Audiobooks for Long Drives

A long day on the road doesn’t have to be coupled with boredom or stagnant silence. If you’re a fan of audiobooks, here are five great choices for a great listening experience while you cruise to your destination.

The Strangest Truck Stops

Some truck stops can be bizarre and interesting and that’s all part of the adventure of being on the road! Here are some of the strangest truck stops you can find in the United States.

Creating the Ultimate On-The-Road Playlist

With an office full of avid music listeners here in Fremont, we have taken great pleasure in providing a list of our top tips for putting together the best playlists for your long hauls this summer.

FCC Announces their New Driver Mentor Program!

FCC Announces their New Driver Mentor Program!

The first few weeks of your new career can be full of questions. At Fremont Contract Carriers, we get that, and we want our new employees to be focused on what they do well, not the uncertainty of who to go to when a question arises. To help new drivers find their...